The exhibition exhibitors, manufacturers, systems integrators, traders, agents. As the main products in the industry applications, networks, and optical equipment; the camera a lot in their publicity, are basically launched a high-definition HD-SDI camera Samsung camera also participate in this exhibition. Optical manufacturers 28 to participate in, is basically the exhibitors in Shenzhen, Beijing and Jinan, Jinan majority, few understand, they are represented in the end, low-end equipment, there are several also introduced the so-called GaoQingGuang end machine. Our exhibitors products to high-definition-based range of products has been recognized by the different customers and even some customers come to our booth to visit, mainly by the dark color to the praise of many customers many customers take pictures as a souvenir, many customers carefully observe the appearance of our equipment, our product looked like the workmanship is imported, the black product casing and yellow label, to the customer's first impression is professional; a lot of customers very interested in our HD products, some of the projects being not used, after the development trend will be to, and customer analysis and talk to the customers feel that this is a good product, especially on the main publicity face drawing in the net screen HD series overall solution; transmission and reception from the front of the camera to GaoQingGuang end machine, as the sub-storage and high-definition analog mixed into the matrix to large-screen display and overall device management a set of solutions, many customers whom praised the. The more one is to Zibo City, subject to security Times interview.