With the development of monitoring technology, monitoring and control system is being used by analog system to a high-definition system. Therefore resulting in the monitoring project, the input signal source more and more control of the source output device independent, incompatible; However, the emergency command requires the interconnection and sharing of multi-source information, the command center stitching big screen the physical resolution. Our company should be the requirements of the times, especially the introduction of an integrated platform for high-definition video.

Integrated platform for high-definition video, based on the L80 matrix is established as the center. L80 matrix design principle is to carry the boards of a variety of functions, which is in the high-speed backplane, a backplane-based high-speed switching technology, HD codec technology, image stitching technology figures the Hd matrix(see below)

Figure 1

L80 Matrix modular design, various types of boards can demand any combination of convenient installation and flexible configuration; embedded pure hardware design, performance and stability. The device provides the most cost-effective high-definition, hybrid control, switching, and output solutions to breakthrough the traditional matrix of a single analog switching function

We launched HD video platform construction principle, that is, for different signal input, access to the appropriate board interface, the unified treatment of the L80 matrix, control output, so as to achieve the purpose of large-screen display. (See below)

Figure 2

Complete access to high-definition video platform to support high-definition system, compatible with existing analog AV matrix network run. Broke through the traditional "matrix stack + image mosaic processor multi-step operation on the wall display mode. (See below)

Figure 3

HD video platform supports the traditional model and a variety of digital, network high-definition image input while to build a true digital high-definition display and system security in high-definition era.